Mudgin-Gal has become a leader in Domestic and Family Violence Prevention and promotes an anti-violence message locally and throughout the state. Mudgin-Gal’s focus will move towards a family approach through early intervention whilst still providing vital services for vulnerable women in the Sydney community.

It is an Aboriginal service that is completely staffed and managed by Aboriginal women. Mudgin-Gal’s strength comes from its brand, its positioning in the local community services market, its culturally appropriate programs and its location near the Block, Redfern.

Mudgin-Gal meaning ‘Women’s Place’ is an Aboriginal organisation delivering support, referrals and community-based services to Aboriginal women and families in inner city Sydney since 1992. It aims to build the capability of Aboriginal women and families through the delivery of skills-based programs, whilst also providing a safe space for vulnerable women.

Mudgin-Gal provides support and education for women in the community who are or aspire to be leaders within their families and is active within the wider local community on issues such as family violence.