South Sydney Women's Centre was incorporated as Mudgin-Gal Aboriginal Corporation on 17th June 1992 and handed over to the Aboriginal women of the community who represented the vast majority of women seeking assistance.

The services are operated by women with broad ranging expertise including young mothers, elders, educators, family support workers and academics. A Management Committee of 7 Aboriginal women meets monthly to discuss not only services but general issues affecting the community as a whole.

Mudgin-Gal receives recurrent funding from the NSW Department of Community Services, which covers wages and basic running costs. Programmes for women and children and additional expenditure depend on one-off grants. Competition for these grants is fierce and, more often than not, it is the better-resourced, professionally advised Non Government Organisations which succeed.

The permanent staff consists of 1.5 full-time workers. The balance of the critical and demanding full-time service is performed by dedicated volunteers.